Let me assure you, this list speaks the truth.

18 reasons why you should date a Chemist:

  1. We might name a molecule after you.
  2. We have all the solutions.
  3. We have all the right elements.
  4. We are constantly learning and improving our techniques.
  5. We are used to pulling all nighters.
  6. We have significant figures.
  7. We are used to exchanging fluids.
  8. We know how to handle hot items.
  9. We do it periodically on the table.
  10. We’ll give and take until we find equilibrium.
  11. We always wear protection.
  12. We have no problems resorting to gadgets and gizmos to get the job done.
  13. We know how to speed up or slow down the reaction before it comes to completion.
  14. It’s a mystery what we wear under our lab coats.
  15. We like to experiment.
  16. We have drugs! :mrgreen:
  17. «Just a little bit more, slower, slower, almost there, yes, yes, YES!!!!»
    (if we get THAT excited about titration, just imagine the possibilities!)

And, more importantly than anything else…

18.  We have Chemistry!